Content Management Systems (Word press)

A content management system or CMS is a software that is used to build websites and create content to be published on the internet. Typically, CMS allows you to create a website without writing any code.

Features of CMS:

     1.  Website Dashboard: A good content management system allows you to use a simple user interface to create websites.As the website owner, you can log in to the website dashboard to customize your website. The dashboard can also be called the backend or admin area of a website.

    2.  Themes to Customize the Design: CMS platforms usually let you change the look of your website by selecting a template or theme. Themes are pre-designed templates that let you change the layout, colors, fonts, and other design aspects of a website. WordPress has thousands of free and premium themes available. We have created our expert pick of the best WordPress themes.

      3.   Content Editor: CMS platforms include a content editor that you can use to create and publish your web pages. Text editors are sometimes called WYSIWYG editors, which stands for What You See Is What You Get. As you edit the text, you can see exactly what it will look like on your website, instead of looking at code. Think of it like using an editor like Microsoft Word. CMSes also allow you to upload images and other media files to your website.

     4.  Plugins and Extensions: Many CMS platforms let you add new features and modify your site in other ways by adding plugins. Plugins on a website are like apps on a smartphone. You can easily install them to add new features and functions to your website. You can use them to add new features like a contact form or social media integration. WordPress comes with over 57,000 free plugins. We have created a list of the must have WordPress plugins.

      5.   User Management: With a good CMS, you can easily give other people access to publish content on your website. You can even assign them different user roles to control what they have access to.

Benefits of Using a CMS

No hassle publishing: A CMS allows even those without technical skills to publish content, make websites, and edit content using a simple dashboard.

Convenient content scheduling: Content management systems allow site administrators to publish content with a click of a button. You can schedule posts to be published to meet calendar deadlines, business events, or product launches.

Works with any size business: Whether you’re making a website for a big name brand, or just starting a business, you can use a CMS. With the right CMS and web hosting package, you can create any type or size of website.

Affordable and easy to control: A CMS allows beginners to manage sites of all sizes without relying on high-priced web developers to perform site maintenance or make routine changes. A content management system allows you to choose who has access to your site.

Ability to Customize: It’s easy to change your website design or customize it with your own logo, colors, and styles. You can also use plugins to add more features.


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