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ISRO Announces Grants Exceeding INR 9 Lacs per Program for Space-Based Disaster Management Capacity-Building Initiatives (Last Date to Submit Proposal is 20th Dec 2023)

In a significant move, the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has released an Announcement of Opportunity (AO) for capacity-building initiatives in space-based disaster management support. This initiative aims to invite proposals from scientists, engineers, and faculty members affiliated with ISRO, the Department of Space, and recognized academic institutions in India. The financial support will be provided under ISRO’s Disaster Management Support Programme (DMSP).

Introduction: The AO highlights the pressing need for space-based solutions in disaster management, given the challenges faced by nearly a billion people in the Indian sub-continent due to natural and man-made disasters. The increasing frequency and impact of such events necessitate a collaborative approach involving technology, administrative measures, and societal responses to effectively mitigate disaster impact.

Focus Areas and Call for Proposals: ISRO is seeking proposals for capacity-building programs in various aspects of space-based disaster management support. Scientists, engineers, and faculty members are encouraged to submit proposals for financial support. The deadline for submission is December 20, 2023.

ISRO’s Active Role in Disaster Management: The AO underscores ISRO’s active role in supporting Central and State governments through operational services provided during pre-disaster, disaster, and post-disaster phases. These services include experimental forecasts facilitated by space systems.

Challenges and Key Focus: Capacity building in space technology for disaster management is identified as a crucial element for sustainable and effective disaster response. However, ISRO acknowledges the challenges posed by diverse stakeholder backgrounds and the multifaceted nature of disasters. The interconnection between disaster management, development activities, socio-economic conditions, and climate change adaptation further adds to the complexity of the task.

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