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VIT Research Entrance Examination (PhD Admission Notification July 2024)

The Vellore Institute of Technology Research Entrance Examination (VITREE) serves as the gateway for admission into various Ph.D. and Direct Ph.D. programs offered by the VIT group of Institutions. Scheduled for the July 2024 session, the examination is slated to take place on May 5th, 2024, across 59 cities in India. However, due to the possibility of coinciding with election dates, there is a chance that the exam date might undergo changes specifically in those overlapping locations.

VITREE spans a duration of 2 hours, during which candidates are assessed through Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs). Each correct answer carries one mark, while incorrect responses do not incur any negative marking. The exam format varies slightly between Ph.D. and Direct Ph.D. candidates, with each paper tailored to assess relevant skills and knowledge.

For Ph.D. aspirants, the question paper comprises a total of 100 MCQs, categorized as follows:

  1. Technical – 70 questions
  2. English Communication Skills – 15 questions
  3. Statistics and Probability – 15 questions

On the other hand, Direct Ph.D. candidates tackle a question paper consisting of:

  1. Technical – 80 questions
  2. English Communication Skills – 20 questions

It’s important to note that the examination is conducted exclusively in English, ensuring uniformity and accessibility for all participants.

The syllabus for VITREE encompasses a comprehensive range of topics, enabling the evaluation of candidates’ proficiency and readiness for doctoral research. The technical section covers subject-specific knowledge relevant to the chosen field of study. English communication skills are assessed to gauge candidates’ ability to effectively communicate and comprehend academic and research-related information. Meanwhile, the inclusion of statistics and probability questions reflects the importance of analytical and quantitative skills in the research domain.

Prospective candidates are encouraged to refer to the Information Brochure and Syllabus provided by VIT, which offers detailed insights into the examination structure, syllabus coverage, and other pertinent information. Additionally, the Research Proposal Template serves as a valuable resource for candidates aspiring to pursue doctoral research, guiding them through the process of formulating and articulating their research ideas effectively.

By adhering to a transparent and standardized evaluation process, VITREE aims to identify and select candidates with the potential to excel in their respective fields of study and contribute meaningfully to the academic and research community.

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