Excel Course Resources

Excel Course Resources

Excel Practice FileQuestions to Answer
Excel Practice File 1 (Click here to Download)

1.       How much worth Mutton is sold all 4 quarters together?

2.       Which Product has the highest sales?

3.       Which products did the customer by the name SAVEA has bought in all quarters together

4.       In which quarter the customer by the name QUEEN has bought the products Boston Crab, Meat, Camembert Pierrot, Seasoning, RUM CAKE, Northwoods Cranberry Sauce together

5.       Rank the Products According to their Highest Sales in all quarters together

Excel Practice File 2 (Click here to Download)

Excel Practice File 3 (Click here to Download)

1. Find Out the Grades of the Students using If condition

2. Find Out the Total Qty Sold, Total Value of the Qty using SUM IF Function

Excel Practice File 4 (Click here to Download)

  1. Combine the given data
  2. Find the Email id of the given set of students



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