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10 Days Free and Fully ICSSR Sponsored Research Methodology Course

10 Days Free and Fully ICSSR Sponsored Research Methodology Course

Indian Institute of Teacher Education is conducting Ten Days Research Methodology Course for M.Phil./Ph.D./PDF Scholars in Social Sciences in Offline mode from 1st September to 10th September 2022. The Course is fully Sponsored By Indian Council of Social Science Research (ICSSR) New Delhi

About the Research Methodology Course:

NEP 2020 insists upon Quality Research in HEIs and quality research requires research skills, research ethics and conceptual clarity about the entire research process. Research scholars pursuing Ph. D. have to do research on a particular problem to obtain the degree. They have to work under the guidance of the supervisor of their choice or else provided by the concerned university. Supervisor guides the research scholar to work in a proper way. Though the scholar has to do lot of activities before and after consulting the supervisor. He/she can carry out such activities in a proper manner to realise the objectives of the research, only if he/she has an ability for the same. On the other hand, the scholar has to follow the research ethics to complete the research in such a way that it would contribute in knowledge generation or it would be helpful in taking effective decisions for the betterment of the society and in encouraging the researchers to conduct quality research.

The study of the journey of human development reveals that human being always tries to get new knowledge and experience. Instead of accepting the nature as it is, man continuously tries to make changes in natural phenomenon. Such efforts give the results beyond our imagination. This happens because, among all living beings, only the man possesses logical thinking ability. Due to which, he has curiosity of getting more and more knowledge. He thinks in an inductive or deductive way to satisfy his curiosity, tries to learn something new by experience or he studies by scientific method with logical thinking in order to create new knowledge or to develop the existing knowledge. The man starts thinking logically as soon as the questions arise in his mind like ‘Why?’, ‘Why not?’, ‘What does it mean?’, ‘Why this happens?’, ‘What is the solution of this?’ or ‘What will be better than this?’ etc. He starts thinking logically to get the answer of such questions and takes a decision regarding the answer of the question. Such decisions increase his knowledge, develop new principles and theories, or fill the gaps required for developing the knowledge. The process of getting answers in this way, nurtures his tendency of research.

Research is a scientific process and it is completed by following the steps in a proper sequence. Right from the identification of research area and research problem, the researcher has to take rational decisions to decide the research activities at different stages of the process. This can be done in a goal oriented and an effective way, if the researcher has proper layout of the task to be performed during the research process. It is well known fact that responsible conduct of research, and safeguarding ethics and academic integrity in scientific research is extremely crucial. It is also true that, nowadays, compromised publication ethics and deteriorating academic integrity are contaminating all domains of research. The Ph.D. and post doctoral fellowship (PDF) scholars have to keep themselves away from any such activity that leads them to violate research and publication ethics. Like other fields, education is an area in which efforts are being continuously made to make it more fruitful. Impact of education policies, rules and regulations is checked out by government and other agencies related with this area. Inquiry and minor, major and action research are continuously done by these agencies in order to evaluate current education system. In this way, researches in this area reveal the ways to make it more effective.

Knowledge in all of its forms has a pertinent role in individual development and success in society. Thus, the decisive role of education and research in the generation, dissemination and utilization of this knowledge is a proven fact. Research bolsters the logical habits of systematic thinking and organization by instilling scientific and inductive thinking. In order to deal with the problems of society and to foster a spirit of critical inquiry amongst the researchers, there is a need to build research capacities among them. This research methodology workshop aims to provide research participants with a set of skills and potentialities needed to commence effective research in the field of social sciences. Most importantly, assists the individuals to carry out research work from the basic concept

Objectives of the Study

The objectives of the course are as follows:

  1. To make research scholars aware of Academic Integrity and Research Quality.
  2. To make the research scholars aware of the sources of literature required during the research.
  3. To enable them to search literature out of different sources.
  4. To enable them to review the literature for identifying the research problem.
  5. To enable them to develop research proposal.
  6. To develop their understanding regarding research and research methods.
  7. To develop their understanding regarding the research tools.
  8. To enable them to develop research tools.
  9. To enable them to apply proper data analysis technique to analyse their data.
  10. To make them aware of the chapterisation of research report.
  11. To enable them to write the research report in proper format.
  12. To make them aware of UGC regulation regarding plagiarism.

Brief Summary of Course Content:

The course will be conducted in both lecture and interactive mode. The resource persons from different parts of country representing the leading Institutions/Universities will deliver the expertise in the RMC.

The contents of the course are :-

  • Research and Educational Research: Concept, Need and Types, Variables and Hypothesis: Concept and Types, Population and Sample, Qualitative and Quantitative Research Methods, Review of Related Literature., Open Sources in Educational Research.
  • Tools of Research, Data Analysis Methods, Culture of Research in Academic Institution, Shodhchakra
  • Research Proposal, Research Ethics, APA style of Report Writing and APA Referencing

Eligibility Criteria:

All registered Ph.D. and PDF Scholars in Social Science disciplines from the UGC-recognized universities of India are eligible to participate. Candidates will be short-listed on the basis of (1) the evaluation of their research proposal (1500 words in English) (2) the status of research work. First-time applicants for the Research Methodology Course / Similar programme will be preferred first. Those who have attended any such type of program sponsored by either UGC or ICSSR should not apply. The aspects like representation of different Social Science Disciplines, Social Background, Gender, etc. shall also be taken into consideration while selecting the Candidates.


The maximum intake for the Course shall be 30 seats. Notification for selected candidates will be communicated through the registered email. Attendance for all the sessions is mandatory or otherwise the certificate shall not be issued.

How to Apply:

Interested candidates can apply through the google form to the Course-Director with duly filled registration form on or before 10th August, 2022. The registration form/ Forwarding letter is enclosed with this notification. The registration form and brochure can also be downloaded from the University website. The candidates are required to upload the filled registration form duly forwarded by the research supervisor and Head of the Department/Institution on


  1. Phil./Ph.D./PDF Research Proposal (PDF file to be named as your name)
  2. Why do you want to attend this course? (In 500 words) (PDF file to be name as your name)

Evaluation of the Participants

  • Pre and post-test of the participants will be conducted.
  • On the basis of the scores of the participants in both the test, the impact of RMC will be determined. The participants will be asked to prepare a research proposal

Registration Fee, Travel Allowances, and Accommodation:

There is no registration fee for this Ten Days Research Methodology Course. The traveling fare and accommodation will be provided as per IITE and ICSSR norms. The decision of the competent authority will be final on any matter. Travelling Allowance would be payable to the selected-out station participants only for second-class/sleeper class/regular bus fare as per ICSSR rules. To claim TA the participants, should present original travel tickets. No local conveyance would be reimbursed.

Duration of the course, important dates & venue:

  • Last date for the receipt of application form 10 August 2022
  • Selection to be communicated 15 August 2022
  • Confirmation to be communicated by scholar) 23 August 2022
  • Course Dates 1 September to 10 September 2022
  • Venue: IITE, Gandhinagar, Gujarat- 382016


For Any Inquiry, Please Contact

Ms. Parmar Bhavini +91 9824667745 & Mr. Anshuman Tiwari +91 9033810176


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