AICTE-ISTE Sponsored Induction/Refresher Programme On Design of Sensor Based Systems and Exploration of IPR

AICTE-ISTE Induction/Refresher Programme On Design of Sensor Based Systems and Exploration of IPR

28-01-2022 To 03-02-2022 (Online Mode)


This program focuses on the design of sensor-based systems along with the knowledge exploration towards IPR and patentability of a product. Electronic systems are a necessity in most engineering products. Regardless of the technology involved, the analysis and design of sensor-based systems play a vital role. Most smart electronics and embedded systems have encompassed sensors. Understanding how to design and use sensors typically requires interdisciplinary knowledge of several topics. One such is how to develop a design mind set for solving application-oriented problems through a variety of case studies. In the current scenario, patent and Intellectual property rights are gaining momentum in order to protect one’s own innovative ideas and products. There is a need to focus on the patentability analysis of a product.


Eligibility Criteria

The faculty members of the AICTE approved Institutions / Universities are Eligible. The total intake for the Programme is restricted to 100 Participants. Preference will be given to ISTE Life members, and the selection will be based on ‘First come and First Serve’ basis.


The Program aims to cover the following topics

  • Insight onto Transducers and Actuators
  • Gas Sensors, Fabrication technologies
  • Introduction to biosensors: Characteristics and components of optical biosensors
  • Plasmonic sensors: Propagating versus localized plasmons, Optimized sensor configurations,  Electromagnetic field enhancements, plasmon-enhanced sensors.
  • Understanding of Sensor Interfacing with Microprocessor to build an electronic system
  • Static and Dynamic Characteristic Parameters for Sensors and Actuators, Calibration of Sensor-based electronics systems.
  • Patent, Copyright and Design registration
  • Patenting Process (National & International)
  • National Education Policy 2020
  • Emotional Stress Management

Registration Link


Number of participants is limited to 100.


For further Details

The Coordinator Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering,

Sri Manakula Vinayagar Engineering College,

Madagadipet, Pondicherry – 605007

Contact No.: 9443407745, 9894699805

hodece@smvec.ac.in  |   shanmugham@smvec.ac.i



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