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The International Brain Research Organization (IBRO) Collaborative Research Grants

The IBRO Collaborative Research Grant program seeks to foster international scientific collaboration related to neuroscience and development of human resources within and across IBRO regions.

About the Program

Our primary objective is to facilitate collaboration, whether between two emerging research groups or a combination of one emerging and one established research group.

These grants aim to support various aspects of collaboration, including travel, accommodation, subsistence, and research expenses between the partnering groups.

These awards are specifically designed to support direct collaboration costs and do not cover any indirect or overhead expenses.

Who Can Apply?

Applicants Specifications:

  • Applicants must have been principal investigators for seven years or less.
    • Any extended breaks from research (e.g. maternity, paternity or adoption leave) is accepted and should be justified in the application.
  • At least one of the research groups should be an emerging laboratory.
    • The term โ€œemerging laboratoryโ€ refers to laboratories established within the last 7 years and lead from an early-career researcher.
  • The lead-applicant must be residing in one of the Africa, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, or Pan-Europe regions.

Fellowship Specifications:

  • The collaborations must begin in 2024.
  • The collaboration must include bi-directional travel of principal investigators, postdocs and/or students that plan to work on the scientific collaboration defined in the project application.
  • The collaboration must be completed within two years from the collaboration start date.
  • The required funding report should be submitted one year from the collaboration start date. More information on the grant report will follow after the grantee selection.

Funds will transferred according to an 80:20 format, meaning 80% of the grant will be awarded two months prior to the start date of the collaboration, and the remaining 20% upon completion and submission of the associated grant report.


Regional Eligibility Requirements
  • Collaborations within the same IBRO region are open only to scientists from Latin America region.
  • Collaborations between two different IBRO regions are open to scientists from the regions of Asia-Pacific, Africa, Latin-America, and Pan-Europe.
  • Collaborations between a lead-applicant residing in one of the eligible IBRO regions ((i.e., Asia, Africa, Latin-America or Europe) and a collabortor residing in the US or Canada are permitted. However, the application should be submitted by the lead-applicant.
How to Apply?

Applications dates:
1 March โ€“ 31 March 2024

Apply HERE

Please note you will be re-directed to the IBRO Grants Portal.

Maximum grant amount:
6,000 EUR

For any queries, please contact

Who Can Apply?

Please note you will be redirected to the IBRO Grants Portal.

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