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ICMR to Provide Research Grants up to Rs 8 Crores Last date to Submit Proposals is 29.02.2024

Overview and purpose

Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) provides financial assistance for Indian scientists working outside ICMR institutes to conduct research in the fields of medicine, public health, and allied disciplines aimed at improving health of Indians under its Extramural Research Programme.

The Investigator initiated Intermediate Grant projects are expected to result in finding solutions to priority health problems for the country by validation or evaluation of interventions that already have beenshown to have proof of concept. Thus, the proposed study should stem from a well-documented proof ofconcept study and designed to achieve impact. The project should lead to significant contributions in generating effective interventions for prevention, diagnosis, treatment, or rehabilitation of those disease conditions. Potential deliverables from these projects should include patent/commercial products, or impactful publications to influence clinical or public health practice. Multi-site, multi-disciplinary studies are encouraged under this call.

The following types of research proposals will be considered. Some indicative examples of each category are given below.

Discovery research aimed at finding novel interventions (basic research) and validation in in-vivo models. If there is proof of concept of a biomarker which is to be taken for commercialization, is an example of such a study. Projects can focus on diagnostics, devices, therapeutics or vaccines and may include phytopharmaceuticals and traditional medicines and genomic methods/algorithms/tools for personalized medicine etc.

Development research aimed at developing interventions for screening, diagnosis, prevention, treatment of diseases/conditions or make existing interventions simpler, safer, more efficacious, or more affordable. Examples of such research includes development of Point of care tests, molecular diagnostic tests, medical devices, animal models for diseases appropriate dosage and formulations, artificial intelligence and machine learning predictive tools/models to solve health problems, phase-1and phase 2/3 (or equivalent phase) clinical trials of vaccine and therapeutics etc.

Delivery research or implementation research aimed at learning how to overcome barriers in delivering effective interventions to the people who need them. This will include health system-based interventionsto increase access, and to successfully implement national health programme or schemes, reducing inequity and improving quality of health care. Some examples include learning how to achieve single digit neonatal mortality rate in a district, how to integrate newer technological interventions into primary health care system to improve health and wellbeing of the population, how to optimize functioning of Ayushman Arogya Mandir (Health & Wellness centers) or how we can reduce treatment gaps for mental health conditions.

Descriptive Research aimed to understand the disease or condition including its burden, risk factors and determinants and pathogenesis mechanism will be funded if it generates information required for decision making on health problems where it is lacking. Some examples include study the relationship between long-term indoor and outdoor air pollution exposure and pregnancy outcomes, possible impact of PCV vaccination and pneumococcal diversity etc.


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